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Welcome to Tāne’s Tree Trust Archive Database

Tane’s Tree Trust and Scion have established an on-line archive of largely historical research and management on planted indigenous forest in New Zealand. The Archive Database comprises hundreds of references to mostly unpublished documents with a focus on ecology, establishment and management of indigenous forest. Most have been sourced from the former Forest Research Institute (now Scion) and from indigenous forestry files of the New Zealand Forest Service. However, there are also references from various other sources such as universities, other research institutes, environmental organisations, and central and local government agencies.

What is in this archive?

The Tane’s Tree Trust Archive Database includes references to a wide range of documents largely covering the mid to late 1900s including technical reports, file notes, letters, university theses, forest management plans, data records and various documents contained in selected Forest Service Sample Plot folders. Information provided for each reference includes authors, current holder and physical location of the document, previous and current accession numbers, year or period of time that the document relates to, number of pages, document type (e.g. file note, data record, report, etc…), and key words including species and subject areas.

Most references have been annotated giving an indication of the content of the archived document. For many references useful additional information is provided in a section General Notes which provides a summary of the results along with commentary and implications for management of the species, site, forest type, or subject area relating to that document.

This Archive Database complements published and other unpublished documents found in the Tane’s Tree Trust Indigenous Forestry Reference Database currently under development.

Sourcing reference material

A key feature is a user-friendly search capability by author, species, location, year and general keywords.

Tane’s Tree Trust does not hold the documents with this Archive Database. Users are requested to contact holders of documents directly as indicated in the database if they require further information or to access a copy, all of which is at the discretion of the document holders. Some documents will be available from internet sources or other publicly sources such as theses from university libraries.


The vast majority of the work in compiling and annotating the documents in this Archive Database has been carried out by Tony Beveridge over several years. Tony is one of the foremost indigenous forest management researchers in New Zealand. He was the key scientist at the Forest Research Institute based in Rotorua for several decades from 1961 to the mid-1980s. While Tony focussed on the podocarp forests of the central North Island with several foundation papers on ecology and management of these forests, his role as scientist and leader in the field of indigenous forestry management covered all forest types from the kauri forests in Northland to the beech forests of Southland. Tane’s Tree Trust is grateful for Tony’s vast experience and knowledge of indigenous forestry ecology and management in assembling these historical files and providing in-depth analysis of the documents in the archive.